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About MIKURA Vinegary

“Despite our short history in vinegar production, we are proud of our process and ingredients”
We are a small company based in Mihama-cho, Minamimuro-gun, Mie Prefecture.
In the hot and humid climate of the Kumano region of Eastern Kishu and the natural environment brought about by the subsoil water of the Kumano River, we stick to the usage of wooden barrels and brew our vinegar with the power of nature and time.
This method of brewing in wooden barrels takes a lot of time and effort, and the amount produced at a time is limited, but we work hard every day to deliver the rich flavor.
Vinegar brewed in Wooden Barrels, where the bacteria work on their own, has less acidity and a milder taste than fast-brewed vinegar.
The careful, unhurried fermentation and aging process gives it a distinct mellow aroma.
Vinegar, a traditional seasoning, is a healthy food and beverage perfect for your daily diet and a gift.
In order to attract young generations who are conscious of quality and food safety, we have redesigned all the labels to purposely remove the impression of traditional vinegar.
The logo of “MIKURA Vinegary” is composed of
a line that symbolizes the mountain range of Kumano Sanzan,
a straight line that expresses sincerity, and
a line that symbolizes Kumano Sea which opens up to the future.
These three lines expresses the immovable earth and the bright future that lies ahead.

The sound of the word “MIKURA” also comes from the words “Utsukushi Kurashi (beautiful life in Japanese).” We believe that a beautiful life is a life that is healthy and comfortable.
MIKURA Vinegary will continue to put our hearts into each product we offer to propose “a healthy, comfortable and beautiful life” to everyone.

Toei Co.,Ltd. CEO Shino Ito

About MIKURA Vinegar

MIKURA Vinegary currently brews brown rice vinegar and sakekasu vinegar.
We purchase brown rice from Onishi Farm and sakekasu from Kawabu Jozo (Hokosugi brand). Both are produced in Taki-cho, Mie Prefecture.
For brown rice vinegar, we start with making rice malt (koji) from raw rice by ourselves, and brew it in Wooden Barrels for about 200 days using the “static fermentation method” without adding alcohol. After aging, it is bottled and shipped one after another.

The main ingredient for sakekasu vinegar is sakekasu purchased from a sake brewery in Mie Prefecture then aged for over two years until it turns reddish. After adding brewer’s alcohol to it, it is fermented in Wooden Barrels with the “surface fermentation method.” We repeat the process of taking out the mother vinegar and cultivating it in a cycle of about 60 days.

Currently, we have five wooden barrels in Mihama-cho and three in Taki-cho, and we take our time to keep the mother vinegar alive with great care.
The amount produced at a time is limited, but we work hard every day to create the rich flavor.
By carefully following the manufacturing methods we have inherited, and by always caring for the activities of the living acetic acid bacteria, MIKURA Vinegary produces a flavorful vinegar with not just acidity, but also an original aroma and mild taste.

Vinegar itself is not a unique new taste, but you can feel the difference in the taste of vinegar depending on the ingredients and manufacturing method of each region. MIKURA Vinegary brings you products to make you think that such a taste can be created even in a garage. Please try the taste of vinegars from a small vinegar shop.

About Us

Company name Toei Co.,Ltd.
Mihama brewery 2266 Atawa, Mihama-cho, Minamimuro-gun, Mie
TEL 05979-3-1660 (main)
FAX 05979-3-1666
Taki brewery 23 Kuramae, 672-1 VISON, Taki-cho, Taki-gun, Mie
TEL 0598-67-9390
FAX 0598-67-2837
Head office Adachi Mansion 1F, 1-12-16 Unomori, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie
TEL 059-325-7368
FAX 059-325-7369
Established May 4, 1977
Capital 20 million yen
CEO Shino Ito
Businesses Manufacturing and sales of vinegar, Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)


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